Monday, May 14, 2012

[Bk2-SOF:Ch73] Like a Whore

Fang leaned against my desk and crossed his arms over his chest. I hear something in his voice and looked up at his face. As usual, he looked completely impassive, but I knew him so well that I could read the almost indiscernible twitch of his jaw muscle. the slight tightening around his eyes.

I walked over to him and looked him in the eye. "What's the problem," I asked. His eyebrow raised. "Problem? What problem? Why would I have a problem with you being the new whore in town?" I scoffed. "I don't know what you're talking about!" He took a step towards me and glowered down at me. "His cum is still in your hair." "Liar. I swallowed." He smirked and I groaned inwardly. He had trapped me. Anger welled up inside me and I pushed him back. "Why the fuck do you care? I thought you would have been too busy with your red headed slut to notice. What does she have that I don't?"

Fang stepped towards me and I beat my firsts against his chest. He grabbed my wrists and forced my hands to my side. "Do you wanna know why? It's because I care about you. I can do whatever the hell I want to her and it doesn't matter in the end. I don't wanna screw this up with you." I growled at him. It was too perfect. I wanted to be mad at him for having just the right answer. I twisted my wrist free and smacked him across the face. "There," I breathed, "Now I screwed it up. Use me. Like you don't care. Like 'the new whore in town'."

Something glinted in Fang's eyes as he rubbed his red cheek. "Fine," he growled," but you asked for it." He ripped open my shirt, tearing the fabric like paper. In the next second it was pulled from my shoulders and on the floor, leaving me in just my lacy black bra. He grabbed the waistband of my jeans and pulled me against him. His lips locked roughly with mine and kissed me hard and fast as our groins ground together before he threw me onto the bed. My wings cushioned my fall, but I had barely sat up before Fang jumped on top of me. His shirt had been discarded, along with his belt. He grabbed my wrists and held them against the bed above my head, leaving me helpless. He kissed me passionately again and continued to grind his pelvis into me.

When he let go of my wrists he took a hold of the front of my bra and sat back, pulling me up. He yanked me between his legs and pulled hard, making the straps snap. My bra joined my shirt on the floor. My heart pounded as I gasped for breath and Fang opened his jeans, letting loose his huge cock. After handling Sam's  member, I realized I had actually missed Fang's size. Suddenly he grabbed me by my hair and pulled me down to his crotch. "Well, Bitch, let's see what you can do!"

I quickly grabbed his dick and took the tip in my mouth and began working the shaft with my hand. I licked the head slowly around before moving down the shaft. The deeper I got the slower I moved and the faster I worked my tongue. I began to bob my head up and down around his shaft and my had stated to rub and squeeze his balls. As I really started to get into it Fang started stroking my hair. "Do you like sucking my cock like that?" I looked up at him and nodded, giving his tip an extra flick of my tongue for emphasis. He chuckled and grabbed my hair, pulling my off his staff. "This is how my whores do it." Suddenly he shoved me back onto his cock, pushing me all the way down and hitting the back of my throat. He used my hair as a grip to pump my face down over his dick.

My eyes watered and I could hardly breathe as he shoved his organ down my throat again and again. He got rougher as he pounded away and tears streamed down my cheeks. As he sped up it became harder and harder to breathe and I was starting to black out when he finally grunted and shoved his cock all the way down my throat, pressing my nose into his pelvis. He didn't even give me a chance to swallow, just shooting his cum straight down my throat.

Fang let go of my head and I fell back, coughing and sputtering for breath. He barely gave me any time to recover before he was on me again, pulling on my jeans. He didn't bother taking off my belt or undoing the buttons, he just yanked them down over my tight ass. He pulled my pants and panties down far enough so that my soaking pussy was exposed, then left them tight around my thighs, stopping me from being able to move my legs at all. He pushed me onto my front and pulled my ass up into the air, exposed.

Fang wasted no time in entering me from behind. I cried out at the sudden intrusion. My position made it seem like he was filling me up more than ever, and with each thrust I grunted loudly. The angle he penetrated me at made it so that his huge cock rubbed against my g-spot with every rough thrust. I braced my hands against the wall as he pushed me over the edge to my first orgasm without so much as a pause.

He only stopped once so that he could tear my jeans off before returning to fucking me at full force. I felt him spread my ass cheeks and run his thumb over my sensitive asshole. He spit on the puckered entrance and worked his thumb slowly into my virgin hole. The new sensation made me cum again, smearing Fang's thighs with my sweet juices. He added another finger and another into my tight ass and I gasped in pleasure. He spread his fingers and gaped my rosebud and spit right into my anus. The feeling made me squirm and orgasm again.

Suddenly Fang stopped and pulled out and his weight disappeared from the bed. I panted with exhaustion and let my head rest on a pillow. The thought of Fang's whereabouts had only vaguely formed in my mind when I felt him behind me again. Once again he spread my ass cheeks and I felt a cool liquid run down between them. He worked the cool liquid into my ass, then I felt the tip of his cock against my puckered hole. He slowly gave more and more pressure until his bulbous head slipped passed the ring of muscle. I bit my lip as my ass was entered for the first time.

Fang slowly added more and more of his huge member into my ass and I cried out in pleasure as much as in pain. He didn't seem to give any sympathy towards the fact that this was my first time. He gave me his whole 13 inches at once, pressing his pelvis hard against my ass before starting to fuck me. As the pain subsided and I loosened up he was able to go faster and I cried out in pleasure every time he bottomed out in me. I had to brace myself against the wall again as my orgasms began anew.

Fang was already at the end of his stamina and my tight virgin ass pushed him right to the limit. After only a few moments fucking my butt he slammed all the way into me, crushing me into the wall. He grunted and I felt his burning cum fill my  bowels. He pulled out and moved away, leaving me to fall to my side, exhausted. I felt Fang's sticky seed leak from my gaping asshole and I reached back and scooped it up. I rolled over and looked him in the eye and licked it sexily from my fingers. "Do I make a good whore?"

Monday, May 7, 2012

[Bk2-SOF:Ch70] Theater Snacks

The film we saw was an incredibly violent military-espionage-action thing that looked like home movies form my childhood. Mostly I sat in the dark, analyzing fight scenes and praying that Sam wouldn't try to hold my hand. What if my palms were sweaty? I nervously rubbed them on my jeans.

Then suddenly my heart skipped a beat as I felt his hand brush mine. He made his move and grabbed my hand. My chest fluttered. I decided that my palms weren't too sweaty, and squeezed his hand back. Then he did something that I wasn't expecting. He began to pull my hand over towards him. He placed my hand on his knee and slowly started moving it up his leg. I pretended to watch the movie. Was this normal? I had never been on a date before to know. Suddenly I knew what he was up to as my hand made it up to his lap and brushed against the lump in his pants. I looked over at Sam and he glanced over at me and smiled.

He held my hand over his lap and I could feel the bulge growing bigger. I glanced around the theater, but it was mostly empty and we were towards the back. No one was paying attention to us. I began to slowly rub my hand against his lump and he let go. I took this as a good sign and grabbed him through his pants, squeezing him. I kept looking at the screen, but I wasn't paying attention anymore.

I unbuttoned his jeans and slowly slid the zipper down as quietly as possible. I released his already stiff cock from his boxers and glanced down at it. It was no where near as big as Fang, but it was still sizable. I lightly traced my fingers around its length before grabbing it and beginning to jack him off. Sam took a deep breath of relief and put his arm around my shoulders, pulling me closer to him. I tried to watch the movie, but my mind kept turning toward my hand gently pumping his dick.

The movie was now boring to me and I glanced around the theater. No one was looking at us. It was too dark for anyone to see anything even if they did. I looked over at Sam, but he wasn't watching the movie anymore either. His eyes were closed in pleasure. I looked around the theater one last time to make sure no one was watching and leaned down and took his member in my mouth. Sam's eyes shot open and he sat up, but he quickly relaxed again as I swirled my tongue around the tip of his cock. He moaned softly and rubbed the back of my head with his hand. I looked up at him and shushed him with a mischievous smile.

I turned back to his dick and began moving down the shaft. I moved up and down, slowly taking a little more in with each down stroke. In no time I had swallowed his entire manhood. After handling Fang, this was a piece of cake. I started bobbing up and down, moving all the way from just the tip till his cock was hitting the back of my throat. Sam gripped the arm rests and fidgeted in his seat, obviously trying to hold in gasps of pleasure.

I kept using my tongue, running it up the sensitive underside and swirling it around his rod. I had just started playing with his ball sack and began using my tongue even more when Sam put his hand on my shoulder. I nodded and smiled around his throbbing cock and I pulled off so that just the very tip was in my mouth. I continued to suck on it and tease it with my tongue while I played with his balls and jacked him off with my other hand. I felt his ball sack tighten and he grunted as he filled my mouth with his sticky cum.

I didn't swallow, but collected it all in my mouth. When he finished I sat up and tapped his shoulder, then opened my mouth to show him his cum running off my tongue. Only then did I swallow and open my mouth again to show him that it was gone. When the movie was over, we decided to get ice cream at a little shop down the block.

Monday, April 30, 2012

[Bk2-SOF:Ch68] Part 2- What Happens in the Woods...

I took a second to catch my breath, and when we were both ready I knelt over Fang's face. I spread my cunt lips and a cool breeze made the wet, sensitive flesh tingle and made me gasp. Without warning Fang leaned up and caught my clit. He sucked on it and swirled it with his tongue, and I groaned and let myself fall against his mouth. Fang pressed his face up into me and delved his tongue up into me and I gave a shout of pleasure. He was getting too good at this.

I found myself on the edge of another orgasm way too quickly. I grabbed his hair and pulled his face up against my pussy as I ground my pelvis down into him. The added stimulation was just enough and I came with a drawn out groan, my juices soaking Fang's face. As I came down from the high I slid off of him and pushed him onto his stomach. I yanked the belt off of his hands and ripped his shirt over his head. The second his lips passed from under the shirt I was on him,my mouth smashed against his. Our tongues wrestled each other and I tasted myself on him. I bit my lip and slid up so I could lick his ear. I pressed against him and groaned into his ear. "Take me. I need you now."

Fang wasted no time. He pulled me to my feet and pressed me against a tree, the rough bark cutting into my skin. I wrapped my legs around him and he entered me, quickly and roughly. I let out a shout that turned into a groan as he bottomed out, thrusting into me hard. His huge cock filled me to the brim, turning every movement into intense pleasure. With each thrust of his hips the tree dug deeper and deeper into my back, the burning scrapes just adding to the ecstasy.

I became aware of nothing more than the tree, Fang's burning body, and the limp ball of pleasure that was my body. My finger nails dug into his back, but I wasn't controlling them. My brain had completely shut down, and the only things it was able to do was feel pleasure and make constant panting, groaning, and "Oh God"'s into Fang's ear. A particularly deep thrust threw me into my third orgasm of the night.

I tried to suppress a scream by biting Fang's shoulder. He cried out and threw himself against me, pressing me into the three and his staff even deeper into my sex. The sudden sensation caused another orgasm and I couldn't stop from screaming as my body shuddered against him. My helpless convulsions pressed me against Fang, and a slight brush of skin against my clit brought another wave of pleasure and another climax. Tears streamed down my face and my juices ran down both my and Fang's thighs. My brain was completely overrun by pleasure and nothing made sense anymore except him.

"OHSHITFANGOHSHITOHSHITOHMYGOD!DON'TSTOP!" My body continued to writhe against him and finally Fang could take no more. He pressed his head into the crook of my neck and thrusted hard and deep three more times before reaching his limit. "Max, here it comes!" He groaned one last time before I felt his boiling seed filling me up. The sensation was too much and pushed me into a whole new orgasm. The toll of the night suddenly folded on me and I was able to utter one last "Oh, Fuck" before passing  out.

When I awoke, Fang was fully dressed and was cradling my head in his lap. The cool night air still played against my naked skin, giving me goosebumps. I shivered and moved to hug myself and I felt the dried fluids across my thighs and pussy. I smiled at the memory, and at the warmth that Fang's cum in my pussy brought. I looked up at him and smiled  sexily. "You're still not forgiven."

I collected my clothes and we took to the early morning sky once more. As we neared the house, I gestured to it with one hand.

We could see Anne's silhouette clearly in the window of her room. She was awake and looking for us at 3:00 a.m. Didn't that woman ever sleep?